Learning to roll….

A sure sign of the presence of idolatry is inordinate anxiety, anger, or discouragement when our idols are thwarted.  So if we lose a good thing, it makes us sad, but if we lose an idol, it devastates us.

~ Tim Keller

God’s been working on  my idols lately.  Idols I didn’t even realize were idols.  Good things like to do lists, productivity, passions, dreams, and the warm summer sun.  All of these He’s been working to lay bare the past six weeks.  And I have fought hard, but tonight I surrender.  I surrender my idea of summer accomplishment and summer relaxation.  I realize that, at least right now, our summer looks a lot like our school year – time behind the wheel.  And this is life with five active children.  And we could say “no” to activities for them.  And we have.  But these things are good for them and this surrender is good for my heart.  And I lean harder on Jesus now, trusting in Him for the things that will or won’t get done over the next several weeks.  As I do I feel freedom mounting like wings as I release myself from the pressure to do every.little.thing. before school begins again.

And, oh, I am still hard-wired to be task-oriented; that is how I was made, but I can lay down that idol and focus on the tasks God gives me each day, not the ones I make for myself.  I am still driven to do what I can, but tonight I rest in His timing and I choose to let Him stretch me and teach me patience, even in this.  And I choose to roll with the waves that life brings.  Because what else is there to do but count it all a gift and give thanks?  He is good.

For HIs Glory ~