Thankfulness that Leads to Peace

It’s been a while since a list was made and while I count them consistently on paper, sometimes I question continuing to list them here.

But Pastor Jim, he talks about peace on Sunday, my word for this year, and he lists suggestions for finding peace in one’s life….

  1.  pray continually
  2. always be grateful
  3. dwell on the positive
  4. read and obey the Word
  5. walk with Jesus through the day
  6. rest in the sovereignty of God

And the practice of counting the gifts and the accountability of listing them here has taught me so much about each of those six points, that I continue again this week.

2597.  two showings scheduled

2598.  a relaxing Monday

2599.  another showing

2600.  Emma’s first night of soccer camp

2601.  back pain relief

2602.  a repeat showing scheduled

2603.  a long sleep

2604.  more rain

2605.  time outside on a beautiful evening

2606.  Deo Gloria at church on a Sunday morning

2607.  Summer Sizzle week

2608.  possession of our new-to-us house

2609.  crazy girls trying out the pool on a 70* evening

2610.  a Haiti-shade of turquoise for the little girls’ room

2611.  Friday

2612.  sunshine

2613.  time with my Jesus

2614.  words of wisdom

2615.  words of encouragement

2616.  sleep (clearly something that has been missing)

2617.  a day to slow down just a little

2618.  hot summer sun

2619.  early Mission mornings

2620.  questions

2621.  a heavy heart

2622.  leaning hard

2623.  sweet ladies who pack the whole first floor while I shuttle kids and go to meetings

2624.  a day to stop before the whirlwind moving weekend

2625.  watching my girls in our pool

2626.  relaxing on the deck

2627.  dinner – with salad! – a welcome change

2628.  moving day – the help of many wonderful people

2629.  screen porch, Monday morning, rain showers, time in the Word

2630.  time with girls – setting work aside for a bit

2631.  God’s mercy pouring over every day

2632.  summer weather

2633.  Sunday rest

2634.  water rushing between trees

2635.  birds calling in early morning

And as we begin a new week with it’s busy schedule and work to be done and so many unknowns, I pray God’s peace would continue to come as we continue to count His endless gifts and reflect on the goodness of His love and mercy.  May you experience that same love as you go through your week.

For His Glory ~



Week in Review {2013: Weeks 23 & 24}

The past two weeks have gone by in a wild blur.  Our oldest daughter had her (and possibly our) busiest week of the summer with a full week of non-stop youth group activities.  Three had swim lessons.  And we closed on our new home and began moving our boxes over and painting.  And that was just last week.

This week was more box-schlepping, more painting, more swim lessons, and a day camp for the Middle.  Our kids have never slept as well as they have the past two weeks.

Tomorrow we officially open the door on a new chapter of our lives – it’s moving day!  Because our mid-town home hasn’t sold yet, we plan to leave the first floor “staged” with some of our furniture, so we won’t be completely finished.  But we will begin to live, eat, and sleep in our new place as of tomorrow.  And beginning Sunday (deo volente!) I plan to put on the brakes for our family.  Our schedule opens up.  We will live in one house instead of strung out between two.  The pressure will (hopefully) be off a bit.  And I intend to help us slow down and reclaim our summer and our sanity a little bit.  When I am longing to make a menu plan and grocery list, go grocery shopping, and make regular meals, then we know it’s time to find our rhythm again.

We’ve been so blessed, particularly this week, by the help given by so many – our girls, who have worked incredibly hard helping us pack and move and unpack and more; our families who have been helping me pack this week and who will help us move tomorrow; and friends who have helped clean, move, and unpack, drive kids around, and provided dinner, and will help more tomorrow; not to mention all the prayers on our behalf.  God is good and we are blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

That’s about it for us.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share some photos of the new place as we get settled in the coming days/weeks.  May your weekend be blessed and full of God’s good gifts.

For His Glory ~