A New Year, A New Start

It’s January 3 already, and so many thoughts run through my head. I have so many hopes and desires for this new year. This is the first year that I can recall sitting down to set specific goals and creating a plan to achieve them, chief among them – my relationship with my computer – but more on that later. I want to share what I’m thinking, hoping, planning, and I will, but not tonight.

Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with a team of friends, loved ones, and a few strangers that just boarded an airplane that will eventually take them to Haiti. There they will minister to and love on the orphanage children, our girl included. Today I have been far too busy trying to get back into the routine of school with the girls to really think about this, but inside my heart is with them and I would be lying if I said I’m not jealous of my sister-in-law who will get to meet and hold my daughter before I will. 😉

And whether it is in thinking about Haiti or thinking about my goals for the year, I am reminded about practicing contentment and trust and patience and resting in the One who knows the future and has a plan and is worthy of my trust.

For His Glory ~
~ Sara


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