Week in Review

It’s the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of another year.  A recap seems appropriate, but I’m not prepared to review the whole year…maybe next week.  🙂  For now, a recap on this week since I’ve been an absentee blogger anyway.

Christmas was delightful with so much to be thankful for.  Most of all, three days of resting and relaxing and enjoying time with my favorite people.

Much of this week, like much of this month, has been filled with computer updates.  I upgraded the OS on my Mac on Tuesday and have been trouble-shooting ever since.  I’ve honestly been praying about what God’s purpose is with all of my technology troubles this month.  I don’t really have any answers yet, but I’m sure it will all come to light eventually.  For now, Molly Mac is in the shop as I am DONE trying to fix her and DONE mooching off of helpful friends.  Lord willing, she will be up and running properly again soon and we can start 2012 off with updated, smooth-running computer gadgets.

Haiti travel teams are preparing to leave starting next week.  The Enemy is on the prowl and we can all feel his attacks.  He is defeated and we take comfort in that fact.  In the meantime, though, he sure tries to make things hard for those of us “on the ground”.

Tonight I get to take my beloved out to celebrate his birthday.  Joy!  He turned that magical age of 35 on Tuesday, which means we are officially old enough to adopt from Haiti!  🙂

Matt always seems to get the short end of the celebration stick.  A birthday two days after Christmas is hard for me to get used to, even after 13 years of celebrating together.  Maybe – hopefully! – one of these years I’ll get my act together and do it up right.  🙂

I am beyond blessed to get to celebrate another year with my love.  God has used him in so many ways in my life to change me.  I say it all the time, but I cannot imagine doing this life without him and I’m so thankful for the journeys God has led us through and into and I am eager to see what the next year brings.  God is so good and life following Him is never boring!  Thanks, Matt, for walking this road with me, for leading us all as we follow God.  Happy (belated) birthday, my love!

That’s it for us here.  I wish you all a wonderful New Year!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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