In the quiet of a Monday morning…

I steal a few minutes as the girls sleep in.  It’s late, considering we still have school this week.  But the house is quiet, so I’ll capture the moments in words.

Life has been full and my mind has been racing, fighting the urge to be overwhelmed at all that needs to be done.  With house, husband, and children that need my attention (not necessarily in that order 😉 ), plus adoption and ministry and friends, I have been praying about where blogging fits into my life right now.  I enjoy the sitting down, writing, and I enjoy it most when I do it consistently.  I am blessed when the Lord uses the hard days in my life to encourage others.  And I know, that if I don’t write here, there will be no record of our days when the girls get older.

But the Lord (and I do believe it is from Him for a purpose) has given me this pain in my shoulder.  I rarely feel it, unless I am on the computer too much.  I honestly feel that He has given it to me because it is far too easy for me to focus all of my energies on this screen and not on the life being lived all around me.  So, I have to guard my time here, or suffer the consequences later.

I really don’t know what it is I’m trying to say this morning, other than to write out where my mind and heart have been.  I will continue to be here and I hope that I can return to daily writing again soon.  But I accomplish nothing if I fight against this season I am in and insist on my own way, so I have to accept the fact that there will be days, if not weeks, when writing is limited simply because life is full.  And really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I ask you for grace when I disappear for a while.  Feel free to subscribe by clicking the button on the right or add me to your reader, so you are sure to not miss a post.

Today, though, I gratefully count the gifts He has so generously given….

1184.  four miles not as hard

1185.  new running shoes

1186.  computer mouse that works

1187.  sunny days

1188.  watching Emma ride

1189.  less school books

1190.  deals for next year

1191.  displays of God’s great power

1192.  an afternoon run

1193.  love letters from my girls

1194.  sunshine

1195.  stacks of new library books

1196.  fresh salsa – taste of summer

1197.  color in the flower beds

1198.  agency fees that mean she’s one step closer to being ours

1199.  re-organizing projects on the brain

1200.  that feeling that comes after working together on a hot, sunny Saturday

1201.  three miles of hills run

1202.  date night

1203.  mason jar overflowing spring

1204.  a humble King who rides on a donkey

1205.  the beginning of Holy Week, the road that brings redemption

May you find quiet moments to count the gifts He’s given today.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

*photos from a Sunday afternoon exploring a nearby cliff


6 thoughts on “In the quiet of a Monday morning…

  1. Good morning – I love the title of your blog! My little girl and her friends can make my ears tired!! It was nice to visit you from Ann’s today…I can “hear” the obedience to the Lord your heart carries…


  2. You some how you meet my mind and heart where I didn’t think they could. THanks for all you sweet Godly words, they always raise me up. So proud of you for following His lead!
    Love ya

  3. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading your list!
    I have some free Easter / “He Is Risen” blog buttons if you would like one to display on your blog during Holy Week! They are on my blog and free to anyone who would like one. 🙂

    Celebrating His resurrection,

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