Hearing the Silence

I put the youngest to bed.  My beloved and the other three are at the lake for his youngest brother’s baptism.  I grab the iPad and a beverage and sink into a chair to read.  Thirty minutes pass.  My mind grows tired.  I consider turning on the television to pass the time until they return.  Then I pause and I hear it.  Silence.  I hear nothing but the locusts outside and the fan blowing across the room.  How rare, how beautiful, to be in my own home in the quiet.  I give thanks for it.

0722.  to be rescued from the drowning

0723.  taking a rain check on a running date

0724.  bringing the schedule back under control

0725.  my very first ten year old

0726.  generous sisters

0727.  obeying the Spirit and going down the slide with my daughters

0728.  the five meter board

0729.  three hours of quiet reading for children

0730.  getting the energy reigned in

0731.  reluctant reader who finally catches that “bug”

0732.  silence

May you find a quiet place today and enjoy the silence.

~ Sara


One thought on “Hearing the Silence

  1. I’m happy you were rescued from drowning as well Sweetie. I’ll keep you around for a while. Suggestion for your blog: NEW song. 😉

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