Week In Review + Links Worth a Click

With a few more photos from July 4th (well, technically July 5th, since we got rained out on the 4th)….

This week we had yet another bat in our basement.  Seriously?  Seriously.  This is our third bat in eight months.  It is also our third bat in eleven years of marriage and the third indoor bat I’ve experienced in 32 years of life.  And what on earth are they doing in the basement?  I’m seriously baffled.  More bizarre, this one was on the floor dead.  At least I didn’t have to listen to it cry as Matt bludgeoned it with a tennis racket.  Not that we have experience with that or anything. 😮

Coco was *not* a fan of the fireworks.

We worked our way through our second week of school!  This week ran like a well-oiled machine.  It was lovely and I’m thankful for it.  Next week we add in the last of our home-based subjects – science, writing, geography, and latin.  Things could get a little dicey around here for a few days.  😛

Ellie trying her hand at pyrotechnics

We celebrated the tenth birthday of our oldest child.  Surreal.  That’s all there is to it.  I had a passing thought at one point that went like this “Well, in six years she’ll understand (such and such about driving)…”  and then I thought, “In SIX YEARS!!!”  And I considered going back to bed for a very long time.

Chandler's turn - and more of the spastic dog

In spite of a sickly stomach, I had a good run on Wednesday.  I’m thankful for my running partners and the deepened friendships that have resulted from sweating and gasping for breath and feeling like we’re going to puke together.

What could be more fun than walking through a smoke bomb?

I took two girls to the dentist this week for their regular exams.  Thankfully, they both passed.  🙂  Ellie had her first turn in “the chair”.  She felt like a rock star, I think.  Maybe it was the sunglasses.

Not from July 4th - Ellie chillaxin' in the dentist's chair

I’ve been reading Radical by David Platt.  That combined with other books I’ve read in the past twelve months and just general stirrings are causing some discomfort in my spirit.  I’m still praying about what it all means and what I’m supposed to do in response…I’m sure I’ll post more on that soon enough.

Back to July 4th - Everyone had to get in on the fun

There have been some great posts on other sites this week.  Won’t you take a look?

Let Them Have You – Sarah Markley – I’m proud of myself….I did this on Tuesday night at the pool.  My goal when swimming is always to be firmly planted on a lounge chair.  Best case, I might stick my feet in, but I’m definitely not putting my face in the water.  But I decided to embrace “yes” that night when I was asked to go down a slide (it might also have been the fact that it was 100 degrees at 7 pm) with my girls.  Then I got all crazy and jumped off the 5 meter board and was pretty sure I was going to die.   🙂

It Feels Like Redemption – Kristen Welch – She articulates some of those uncomfortable thoughts I’ve been having.

Wrecked – Sarah Markley – More of those uncomfortable thoughts…

Elizabeth Esther’s interesting response to Proposition 8.  I’m not sure yet how I feel about this, but it’s though-provoking nonetheless.

Six Hundred – Ali C. – you can pray for someone in Africa in a specific and necessary way.  An inexpensive, yet PRICELESS, way to touch the life of someone halfway around the world.

That’s it for me.  Have an amazing weekend, friends.  Seek God, glorify Him, and enjoy Him this weekend!  See you on Monday when we get to count the blessings once again.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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