Adoption Update

It’s June…..nearly the end of it, in fact!  June 1 marked our GO date for beginning the paper chase that is an adoption.  We’ve been busy gathering the details of our life into one green box that resides on top of our refrigerator.  I would guess that we have 1/3 to 1/2 of what we need gathered.  We had our psychological evaluations last week where we were (surprise, surprise!) deemed of sound mind to parent an adopted child.  Tomorrow we go downtown to get fingerprinted and get our police clearance reports.  We’ve sent in Child Abuse Registry clearance forms on ourselves and our oldest child (because she’s over 10).  We’ve preyed on friends to write reference letters on our behalf.  On Sunday we have our first home study visit.  Sometime in July we have our physicals and blood work done.  I’ve ordered ridiculously expensive birth certificate copies from North Carolina (where Matt was born) and gone downtown to pick up mine as well as our marriage certificate.  There’s much more to be done, but I am fully confident we will have everything gathered by the end of July, if not before.

In the meantime, we (mostly Matt) have been busy working on the house that we are planning to sell to help fund this process.  About a month ago we had a painting party at the property that has been named the Amania House.  I commissioned the girls (and their friends) to take pictures, so we have a lot of photos of them and their friends and a few of people working (mostly their back sides).  😉

Front - mid-progress

Casey & Patrick rockin' the south side

Front porch - we ditched the "Passover" swath on the front door and ended up painting it black.

Chandler & Lauren

Beans rockin' the north side

My father-in-law (and I'm realizing I need to teach my girls how to change the date in their camera - it was not June 27, 2008)

Nikki helping roll out the living room

More north side action

This is the girls immortalizing Ellie's helpful nature.

Me. Without make up. Just keepin' it real.

Hannah rollin' in the kitchen.

More Lauren & Chandler

Jazz Hands!

My mother-in-law helping with the yard



Ellie finally helping



I'm not quite sure what they were doing under that shrub for so long, but we have a lot of pictures like this. (And that dumb date stamp is starting to drive me nuts.)

More of Nikki rolling

Mel cutting in

Kerri & Angee working on the second floor

Dick working in the dining room. He claimed no one wanted to help him.

Rex cutting in. Everyone was thankful for the cutters-in!

The breakfast and lunch buffets.

Ben still working hard.

Me supervising.

Matt & Brian chatting it up while Matt paints the trim

Brogan (this shot was too cute not to include)

We are so thankful to the many friends who came out to lend a hand and show their support.  We are also so blessed by the generosity and encouragement of so many as we walk this road.  It is a gift to see how God does all the work and does amazing things when we simply say “yes” and trust Him.