Ballerinas – 2011 Edition

The girls’ spring recital was a few weeks ago.  They all worked so hard this year and looked so lovely performing.  I am proud of their hard work and watching their delight on performance nights makes all the crazy running around worth it.

I ignored my own usual advice, and did not take pictures at home before the recital.  I thought – we’re older now, they’ll be fine after the recital!  I was wrong.  They were all tired and an emotional mess.  So, next year, it’s back to pre-recital photo ops. 


Emma - a Woodland Fairy in Snow White

Grace - a Mirror in Snow White

Here’s to a refreshing summer break from pink fluff and pointe shoes and looking forward to another wonderful year of watching them grow in gracefulness.

~ Sara


Random Summer Photo Post


My motto


Birthday cakes for me, made by the girls and my mom.


Ellie had her first day of ballet in Septmber.  She asked me at least a dozen times before noon if it was time for ballet yet.  🙂


Her first day of ballet. Why look normal?


She also got to have her own tea party with my “good” china.  (Good being a very relative term here.)


Ellie having her own "tea party" with my good china.



We are studying human anatomy this year and one of our projects was to make an edible cell…

The ingredients - enough candy to make us all diabetic.

Ellie and her "cell"

Again, why be normal???

Someone's "cell"