Still here…

I really am still here and so many words are bottled up inside but no matter how I try I cannot seem to make them come out right.  For now I seem to be working out my thoughts on life with old furniture and paint.  I will be back.  The words will come when the time is right.  Until then, I hope you are continuing to enjoy your summer.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


Spring Break

It’s spring break here this week, and even though I have numerous blog posts bouncing around in my head, I’m taking this week off.  We have projects to work on and I want to be sure to do some things to make this week fun, so I’m going to do what I can to keep from being distracted by my own pursuits this week.  See you all Monday!

~ Sara

Christmas Break

Just a note….

I am thoroughly enjoying the leisurely pace of this week and not doing many of the things I normally do…

So, I am going to take the rest of this week off from posting….

Unless I get really “itchy” and have to share something.  (That doesn’t sound good at all, but oh well).  😉

I will plan on seeing you all Monday when we count the blessings and rejoice in the gift of a new year!

~ Sara

This Week

I started out this week with fully intending to do my normal daily blogging, but as the day has unfolded and five days of being away from home have taken their toll on laundry and house and school, I have decided to give myself an out for the week.  I have much I could share and perhaps I will.  But in this moment I’m letting myself off the hook for this week.  😉

Perhaps I will see you later this week….if not, I will definitely be back Monday to count gifts and blessings and God’s great goodness.

Have an amazing week, friends!

~ Sara

A Brief Hiatus and Some Links Worth Clicking

Due to the girls’ swimming every morning during the time that I normally do my computer work and due to the fact that I need to spend some time here getting ready for the upcoming school year, I am taking this week off from posting. I’ll be back next week to count the blessings and to share life with each of you. In the meantime, check out some of these posts that I loved last week.  They are definitely worth a click and a few minutes of your time.

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Ann’s post from last Thursday on living your best life.

Kristen’s excellent thoughts on Why Is America Blessed.  The comments are worth a read, too.

Friday’s devotion over at A Disciple’s Notebook.  Take time.  Slow down.  Find those moments with God.

Intriguing photo post on a week’s worth of groceries for families around the world.  What would your picture look like?