We’ve reached that point in winter when I begin to seriously wonder if we will ever be warm again.  If my children will ever be able to take all of their unbridled, squealing energy outside and bless the neighbors with it again.  If my shoulders will ever un-tense from the chronic hunch of trying to stay warm.  Winter…I’m just not a fan.

Dangling Snow Man

And this winter started early and has been brutally cold for all of us and January has seemed to crawl along even slower than usual.  And I stare down February on my calendar.  February – that last short month before we can finally, honestly, hope to be warm again.  That month before March and the official start of spring and the promise that winter really will end and longer, sunnier days are coming soon.

And I think of a friends Facebook post last night – one wondering why we weren’t made to hibernate, because isn’t that what most of us want to do right now anyway?  Hunker down and not leave the house until temps at least stay above freezing?

Last Friday night we had the opportunity to go to the symphony.  It was beautiful and lovely, but as I sat there with no wifi and no data signa and nothing to look at or do, I talked to God in my head and realized my own inability to be still and listen.  And if I struggle so much to be still and listen to beautiful music in a beautiful setting played by musicians I can see in an environment where there is really nothing else to do, how real must be my struggle to be still and listen to God?

And I realize this morning as I sit and wait (a theme for this school year it seems), that I have two choices.  I can view February and the last long weeks of winter as a trial to be endured, as monotonous, frozen boxes to check off a calendar page, as a cold, empty hallway where I wait for the door to warmer weather to open.  Or I can view February as an opportunity.  An opportunity to be still and rest before my God and before the busy of spring hits in full force.  I can see February and the remaining cold as a chance to be still and settle in here, to be present in our home before the busyness of two soccer seasons and art shows and trips and yard work and all that comes with the onset of that sunnier time of year and the urge to be outside and go and do.  I can use February to reset a few already neglected goals and to continue on the path with ones going strong.  I can use February and the remaining weeks of winter to continue to listen to my Lord and to grow in grace as God continues to show Himself faithful in every way.

Be still and know….{Psalm 46:10a}  May we all learn more of that as we walk through whatever waiting season God has us in this year.

For His Glory ~


Snow Days

I think I’m officially over winter.  Actually, I’m not minding winter (all that much), but I think I’m over snow days.  At least for a while.  Maybe I’ll be ready for one again about the end of February.  But in the past three weeks, we’ve been snowed in twice for three days in a row.  I’m typically all for breaks in the activity schedule, but I think we’d all like some routine back.  AND TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!  May have something to do with the fact that I was home alone with the children for ten days just last week….

Also, I’ve been wearing two pairs of socks AND my Ugg boots.  And my feet are still freezing.

This is what I think of ol’ man winter right now:


Come on Spring!!!