Girls Getaway

Last Friday, I loaded up a borrowed Camry and woke our oldest daughter up very early and we headed out for Chicago.  A birthday gift for her tenth, a chance for her and I to get away and talk about the things a mother needs to share with her growing-older, growing-up daughter, away from the interruptions and inconveniences of littler ones.  We drove for what seemed an endless 9+ hours, hitting repeated construction and a few rain storms.  We arrived exhausted but excited for the adventure of a city new to both of us.

We had a great time and good conversations.  She was not quite interested yet in some of the things we discussed, but the door at least has been opened and I can only remain available for her to walk through it in the future when she is ready to talk.  I got to know her better – this girl who only had us to herself for sixteen months before the intruders (younger sisters) started entering the scene.  I confirmed my belief that she is a lot like her dad and a lot like me.  She asks questions that he would ask, things that would never enter my mind.  She stumped me many times and I responded a lot with, “Grace, I just don’t know.” The first thing she did upon arriving in our hotel room was unpack her suit case into the drawers and lay everything out perfectly.  I laughed as I saw a glimpse of my pre-child self.

I grew tired of being the navigator and missed Matt greatly for this reason, among others.  But I left feeling stronger and satisfied, having learned my way around (a very small portion of) a huge city by myself.  I learned how to hail and take a taxi, how to understand (in a very small way) the bus maps and schedules, how to take the free trolley to Navy Pier, and how to find lots and lots of things on foot.

It was a great weekend for both of us.  These are memories she and I will both cherish forever.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  I’ll share more tomorrow.

A girl on a mission!

A photo with Mia and Lanie

After her shopping spree - a new outfit and earrings for Mia

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

More Ferris Wheel

The birthday girl

Waiting in line for the Ferris wheel

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this thing 😉

Navy Pier



The Sky Swing

More ferris wheel 😉

Sky swing at night



One of my favorite

Have a great Thursday!  We’ll see you tomorrow!

~ Sara


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