Friday Photo Post

Well, so as to not be a total deadbeat blogger this week, and because I’ve missed you all, here’s a little photoblog of a trip to the zoo a few weeks ago when we took our “Fall Break”.  Enjoy!

I hope to be back next week with our regularly scheduled blogging program.  Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

Chandler with a rock

Ellie with a rock. And goggles. Because you never know when you might need goggles.

Four crazy girls on a wooden bear

She's really proud of that rock

We were all so happy for the change of pace!

You can't be serious all the time

Baby Hippo! Just too cute. But you have no idea how close I had to crop this to keep all the "poo" out of the picture. 😛


See y’all Monday!

~ Sara


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