The Season of Gifts

It’s Monday….I get the daily reminder…FIVE days until Christmas.  My heart is happy.  Their joy and excitement bring light to the season and I am thankful that it is untainted by grief or stress or worry.  They know  only wonder.

As we head into a week that has the potential to be busy, distracting, and even chaotic, may we build in boundaries and margin and remember to slow down and remember the why and the wonder.  May we slow down from all the busy rushing and stop to marvel at the lights and the music and the magic.  May we see through the eyes of a child this week and stop in wonder over the gift that is Christmas.

And may we never stop counting the gifts and may we spend extra time at the manger this week, lost in wonder over this, the greatest gift, the Gift that gave us everything.

0962.  serving alongside my girls

0963.  Christmas presents wrapped

0964.  bedroom reclaimed

0965.  shopping done – more or less

0966.  water in the desk drawers

0967.  broken mama

0968.  hugging them

0969. a day full of girlfriends

0970.  ice skating at Crown Center

0971.  Sol Cantina

0972.  Plaza lights

0973.  two more days of school

0974.  K-Love on their radio

0975.  five year old’s unrestrained worship

0976.  eavesdropping on Ellie as she tells the Christmas story to her toys

May your week be filled with memories and moments of worship.

By His Grace ~

~ Sara


4 thoughts on “The Season of Gifts

  1. I popped in here from Holy Experience. . . and see you’re a KC gal as well:) I adore Crown Center ice skating and Plaza Lights as well! Just last night I’d posted some pics of the Mayor’s Christmas tree/Crown Center. Small World in some ways.
    Enjoyed your whole list. . . but wanted to say hello since we share a city. ~Blessings~

  2. i came over from “multitude mondays” and have been so blessed by your reminder to “margin” in the busyness of this season.

    thank you for sharing – loved that water in desk drawers was something to be thankful for too – may we all find something to be thankful for in the unexpected.

    blessings on you!

    • Ha ha! One of our children thought her desk drawers would make a suitable “swimming pool” for her toys. I have to remind myself that these days will soon be gone, and desk drawers will once again only be for holding papers. 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas!

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