Week in Review

This week has flown by, carried by joy, anticipation, and your wonderful encouragement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your outpouring of support for our new journey, adventure, wild God-thing.

The week was normal, all things considered, with ballet and basketball and piano and school.  Today was basketball and riding lessons.  Now I stare at glowing screen sipping coffee, heat on always-tight shoulders, Michael Buble on iTunes.  I clean out inboxes, de-clutter desktops – both digital and tangible, and catch up on tedium neglected throughout the week.

A new Blackberry arrived in the mail last week and time was spent pulling old photos off old phone before making the switch.  I have laughed today as I sort them out on my computer.  I’ll close today with some of them.  So funny to see the moments of silly randomness that are caught with the ever-present phone-camera…

(Admittedly, most of them are of Ellie.  That kid is always doing something goofy!)

What happens when Ellie dresses herself.

Sunrise on the road

Grace and me in Chicago last summer.

Ellie in the fountain at Legend's

Getting her hair chopped early last fall

Princess and Unicorn - this kid is the total package! 😉

Geared up to learn to ride without training wheels!

Look! Ellie fits in a carry on. 🙂

Cowgirl Chandler

The trouble with home schooling - fluid schedules make it hard to answer questions in math. 😉

Team prayer before an Upward game.

Maybe I’ll have to do Blackberry Photo posts more often….these truly are the photos I have of real, every day life in our home!

Hoping your weekend is filled with memories and laughter and good things!

~ Sara



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