Trusting All Our Time to Him

On Friday we will be a month into school and I try to implement schedules and structure and in keeping with the laws of the universe, that which is in order presses hard into chaos.  I try to contain it all, fit all the necessary into the moments we have and the moments never seem to be enough.

And in a gift Ann writes words that speak from my screen; words that reach somewhere deep and touch my heart.  She writes,

“What if I woke to now and refused to hurry because I didn’t want to refuse God?  What if I didn’t discount this moment, but counted it for what it is – God here?

It is only the present moment alone that holds the possibility of coming into the presence of God.  Look around, breathe deep, enter into this one moment – now could be an altar.  This time could be a tabernacle.”

And I breathe deep.  This time, this day, it is not mine.  It belongs to Him, the One who gives all things and gives only good gifts.  And His plan for my day may not be my own and I have to learn to see the interruptions of each day as the Savior saw them, not as obstacles but as opportunities.  Opportunities to show love, live grace, extend kindness.  And it’s always easier said than done because we live in a world driven by schedules and deadlines and to do lists.

So as I leave to go out on the second trip for something that should have been done in one and as I look at our list again and see how some things are suffering because there aren’t enough moments in each day and say again this moment is an altar, time is a tabernacle and give it over to the One who made time and orders my days and has a plan for all things.

And as we enter into a new day, a day fresh with opportunities but already running not-quite-on-time, I lay myself down.  I lay down the idol of my schedule and my pride in being productive and offer it all back to Him and trust Him that what matters will be done and He knows my heart and how He made me and what is important.  And I trust Him to give good gifts even in this.  For it is all He can do.

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! ~ Matthew 7:11

~ Sara


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