Update Week: On Life and Lice

It feels as though the past three and a half weeks have been lived in survival mode.  Between race training and head picking, it’s been all I could do to keep us all afloat.  However, as of yesterday, it is with great joy and relief that I can now say We are lice free!!!  🙂

In the midst of just trying to keep things going, projects like Thirty for 30 have taken a bit of a back seat.  Matt has tried to do it at least a couple of nights a week, but I’ve had to take that time to do things like laundry, check school, or sleep.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll be able to get back into the swing of some of those “hard stops” we have been trying to implement.

I’ve been asking God for the past few weeks the why of head lice.  We’ve had them once before and, while I hope to never ever ever do this again, I have been able both times to find the gift in them.  The first time, head lice forced us to stop.  We had been going at what seemed like a break-neck pace and suddenly, that all came to a screeching halt.  And, while inconvenient, it was definitely a gift.

This time I feel like God has shown me my own sin, my own idolatry.  He revealed to me that I had taken something good, something beneficial – the concept of a schedule and routine – and made it into an idol.  I was seeking so hard after something predictable that I could control that I had stopped trusting Him for the strength for each day, each moment.

I still love and crave routine and schedule.  I believe we were made for it and I know we all do better with it.  But I realize that it is not the schedule that will save us, nor will some ideal of a methodical, predictable life.  In the midst of running a small business, home education, life with kids, adoption, being involved with church and ministry, no matter how hard I try our life is going to be somewhat crazy and trying to force us to fit into a box we weren’t made for is only going to frustrate everyone and keep us from modeling our Savior to each other and those around us.

I am prayerful that as we move into the holiday season over the next few weeks that we will be able to slow down, to enjoy the season and consider its weight and worth.  But I also know that these years are fleeting and fighting the fullness of time will only leave us all empty.  So more than anything, I pray that God gives the grace to enjoy each moment, to soak up the wonder of it, and to savor the glory and peace He gives each day.  Because He is more than enough to meet all our needs.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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