The List is Long…But He Keeps Giving More

Needing to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, I spend this afternoon typing out the gifts listed by hand.  The list is long as it has been too long since I sang His praises publicly.  Pictures from the past month are interspersed to make the post more interesting.  🙂

1741.  lovely Monday

1742.  humility that comes with feeling dumb

1743.  a clean first floor after dinner – gift from my girls

1744.  early morning walk

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1745.  working around the house

1746.  a cheerful Ellie

1747.  last day of formal school

1748.  painting in the sun

1749.  meeting neighbor ladies

1750.  bunk beds painted

1751.  bathroom progress

1752.  backyard sitting in the spring

1753.  joy of the dog with her soccer ball

1754.  joy of children on a trampoline

1755.  dinner with friends

1756.  good conversation

1757.  beds sanded and assembled

1758.  yard clean(er)

1759.  time together

1760.  watching the girls work together to organize and clean

1761.  a lovely day at Deanna Rose

1762.  rains parting, stopping

1763.  just being present

1764.  finally feeling like running again

1765.  bread baking

1766.  weekday lunch with my beloved

1767.  leisurely Saturday

1768.  chatting with the neighbor

1769.  bike rides

1770. sick kids on a Sunday morning

1771.  changing plans

1772.  quiet with my Lord on the front porch

1773.  little ballerinas

1774.  an art show

1775.  towering treees

1776.  squirrels that chase

1777.  Phad Thai “delivered”

1778.  working together

1779.  a perfect night to walk, laugh, run

1780.  a picnic outside

1781.  chalk drawings

1782.  spray paint

1783.  early morning fox on the run

1784.  garage saling fun

1785.  good advice from a friend

1786.  second-to-last week of Thursday night madness

1787.  picnic with friends

1788.  date night happiness

1789.  really good sleep

1790.  girls’ room coming together

1791.  fruit of our labor

1792.  beautiful day to walk

1793.  giant cotton candy

1794.  shattered bottle of nailpolish

1795.  pink grout, tile, trim

1796.  adding to my summer to do list

1797.  mothers of all kinds

1798.  grocery shopping, dollars stretching

1799.  five miles of hills run

1800.  no more cast

1801.  days that break

1802.  little break throughs

1803.  a quiet place to write, think

1804.  three children who need so much prayer

1805.  a house set on fire

1806.  knowing God can bring good, even from these things

1807.  a morning out with the girls

1808.  the courage to speak

1809.  the last “Thursday night madness”

1810.  goals accomplished

1811.  questions raised

1812.  praying for answers

1813.  painted furniture

1814.  husband’s help

1815.  ballet recital

1816.  a long year finished

1817.  a slow Monday morning

1818.  lists being made

1819.  two weeks til Haiti

1820.  fun newborn session

1821.  family who works while I am gone

1822.  back yard forts and shipwrecks

1823.  the power of a good story

1824.  learning to smile

1825.  sleeping in

1826.  a squabble-free day

1827.  a room finished

1828.  a morning nature hike

1829.  clearance rack flowers

1830.  free dresser

1831.  another broken arm

1832.  wondering what God is doing

1833.  learning and “remaining under”

1834.  yard looking so much better

1835.  late night tears and heartfelt conversations

1836.  photos edited, beautiful family

1837.  shopping lists made

1838.  time with friends

1839.  losing at every hand of cards

1840.  a doctor’s appointment

1841.  a leaky ceiling

1842.  my mama

1843.  one office visit

1844.  a short cast

1845.  three weeks to healing

My circumstances do not diminish God’s faithfulness.  My thanksgiving does not increase His  blessing.  But my gratefulness opens my eyes to His faithfulness, even in the valley of life.  As we walk the roads common to man, often filled with trials and tribulations, a heart of thankfulness is a heart that is open to the good that God is up to in the midst of a life that rubs hard against the soul.

May your heart be filled with thanks and your eyes be opened in hope to the goodness of a God who loves you wildy, madly, endlessly.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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