Week in Review {2013: Weeks 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 – wow!}

So, really, this is more of a month (and a half) in review.  Sheesh.   This post has literally been in process since February 18.  Sad.  So sad.  I don’t even remember half of what happened in that time frame.

So we’ll hit the highlights….

We had snow.  Lots of snow.  Much needed, but we’re now over it.  I saw tonight the weatherman predicted more snow for next week.  Possibly several inches.  I may scream.

We waited for adoption news.  We rejoiced with others who got good news.  We grieved with those who have not.  And we prayed.  A lot.  For everyone at our orphanage in this process.

And then we got good news!  And more good news!  And tomorrow we travel to bring our girl home.  Still so entirely unbelievable.  And all the big stuff is finished, but several little, non-important things still hang out there.  I had planned on getting them done tonight, and still may.  But since we dropped the girls at Matt’s parents a little bit ago, it’s as if the emotional weight of the past month just hit me and I’m exhausted.  So I may just go to bed early and trust the Lord that those little things will be there when we get home.  Because they will.  🙂

We were blessed to go on a beautiful little family get away in early March.  We headed out to Denver where we visited the Science and Technology Museum, the state Capitol, and ate dinner at Casa Bonita (horrible, horrible food; cheesy family memories).  We stayed with wonderful adoption friends Tracy and Christy and their three girls and visited our adoption agency and met our wonderful caseworker Patrick.  So good to finally put a face to the man who has walked so much of this road with us.

Then we journeyed on down to our favorite family place – Lost Valley Ranch.  We hiked. We rode horses.  We endured blizzard conditions.  The girls went sledding.  It wasn’t as picture perfect as we had hoped, but it was still a wonderful time away and something we will remember for a long time.  I’m already itching to go back.  😉

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Colorado State Capitol

Ellie at one mile above sea level

At the Science and Technology Museum

Yeah.  We’re that cool.

Ah, Casa Bonita….

The Lost Valley cattle guard.  Oooo Ahhhh!

Matt about ten minutes after we arrived in Lost Valley.

Lost Valley beauty

Waiting for dinner.

Even the stuffed animals get turn down service.

Got snow?  Still we ride.

Goldie and Remington. Goldie hated me.

I waved the white flag on 7.  At least on the clothing portion.  The two week period in which we were doing clothes has experienced temperatures ranging from 86* to single digit wind chills and six inches of snow.  AND I had two days to spend at an arts competition with a fairly strict dress code.  There was no way to do that with seven items of clothing.  Not to mention that I discovered by day 2 that I apparently stink when I re-wear clothing.  I was offending myself with my odor.  So, wave the white flag, I did.

We also had the girls’ fine arts competitions.  They all did well and I had wanted to post pictures of them with their art and ribbons, but those pictures have not been taken yet and if I wait to post this after I get those pictures this may turn into a year in review post!

That’s it for me tonight.  Have a wonderful rest of the week, friends.  My next post should be of our “official” family of seven!

For His Glory ~



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