One Hundred Days

Yesterday, our pastor, he notes that there we were, sitting on day 265 on the calendar.  One hundred days remain in 2013.  One hundred days to make the most of this year.  In a year that’s been marked by major life changes and emotional upheaval and absolutely nothing normal, I am challenged to end the year well.  To be intentional and purposeful with my time and our time.  To return to some old habits and routines that fell by the wayside in the midst of the crazy.  To focus on making this house our home and making it a place of welcome for others.

And it begins with saying thanks to the Giver of these gifts and all gifts.  Speaking gratitude for the hard and the heavenly, the broken and the beautiful.  All these things, gifts from His hand:

2663.  thin places where our heart is revealed

2664.  bits of time

2665.  days when the sun breaks through

2666.  days when the clouds roll in heavy

2667.  a God who is faithful and steady

2668.  a really good day

2669.  a clean basement

2670.  cool days and rain showers

2671.  early morning words that encourage

2672.  rainy day bike rides

2673.  gigantic blanket forts

2674.  Haitian girl so excited for her very own back pack

2675.  a distance that seems uncrossable

2676.  late night tears and talking

2677.  a God who can be trusted

2678.  our first-born – 13 today!

2679.  a good weekend

2680.  the first day of a new school year

2681.  rain – endless rain – earth watered by Heaven

2682.  a time of quiet to think, pray, clean

2683.  sweet friends who stop by while passing through

2684.  a birthday party for the third born

2685.  realizing I actually feel better, happier

2686.  time away with my favorite

2687.  rain that followed us and learning more about flexibility

2688.  being home

2689.  praying for more grace

2690.  mouths full of healthy teeth

2691.  sweet notes left by children

2692.  laughter – soul medicine

2693.  geniune fun with  the youngest

2694.  a good weekend

2695.  Haiti girl thankful for family

2696.  cicadas humming in early morning dark

2697.  two more Lifeline children home

2698.  seeing Shela and Amania happy together on US soil – praying for a long friendship that blesses them both

2699.  Thursdays

2700.  and Fridays

2701.  first born’s first volleyball game

2702.  date night

2703.  long weekend

2704.  cool mornings

2705.  details coming together

2706.  the smell of oils diffusing

2707.  allergies and the coming of fall

2708.  littlest one declaring she has the “best family”

2709.  turning another year older

2710.  phones calls, texts, and Facebook blessings

2711.  Starbucks, chips and salsa, and surprise visits

2712.  generous girls who love to give

2713.  time with my favorite

2714.  race bags packed; race day almost here

2715.  rain falling on leaves; crickets singing

2716.  girls’ indispensible help

2717.  chatter and laughter that help the time pass

2718.  a wonderful race weekend

2719.  connecting with old friends

2720.  slow Monday

2721.  rain, open windows, and soup in the crock pot

2722.  little projects getting completed; big projects getting started

2723.  an unexpectedly good response to openness

2724.  lovely weekend ended

May your week be full of beautiful things.

For His Glory ~



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