There is always something to be thankful for….

It’s a day that starts grumbly and I want to pull the covers back over my head and go to sleep because good sleep has been elusive lately.  And all my goals and ambitions and hopes and plans, they seem tall and towering and unattainable today, and I want to laugh at myself for thinking I could ever achieve such things.

But I choose to speak truth to myself, even though my voice feels small next to the condemnation in my head.  And I push on, just doing the next thing.  Coffee.  Quiet time.  Breakfast for the kids.  Start the school day.  Give direction.  Pound out the miles on the treadmill.  Answer questions.  Shower.  Help with school.  Read with the littles.  Answer more questions.  Lunch.  Give more direction.  Plan the week.  Plan the grocery list.  Comfort a child.  Answer still more questions. And on and on and on goes the day.  And I look for adventure and I look for joy and I find them in the sun shining through the windows and dancing off mirrors and in marking things off the daily list, even if it’s just one goal accomplished today.  And I find them in a candle lit in the window and music playing softly on the piano.  And I find glimmers of adventure and joy and hope all around, if I will just open my eyes and my heart to see.  And I remember there is always something to be thankful for. So I list the gifts to start the week and shift my mind and change my heart and my home…..



2845.  Legos, magazines, and blankets – signs of togetherness taking place

2846.  words that encourage us to pray hard prayers

2847.  long week coming to an end

2848.  watching a heart be changed slowly by God

2849.  Come to Me on repeat

2850.  sunlight pouring in windows and dancing off mirrors

2851.  a heart and mind reset

May your week be an amazing adventure, friends.  And may your heart give thanks at every turn.

For His Glory ~



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