Finding Time….

When the week stretches long and she rushes out the door yet again and before leaving one of the littlest asks, “Mommy, why do you have to go so many places?” And she hits the highway and tears start to fall and the tired and the schedule just seem too much to bear.

And she purposed this year not to complain about the busy or the driving, but that slow life that Ann writes about, it becomes an idol, a thing coveted, and God works on the heart to tear down all gods but Himself.

She hears it somewhere….In your twenties, you have time and energy, but no money.  In your thirties, you have energy and money, but no time.  In your forties, you have time and money, but no energy.  And that’s where she finds herself…smack dab in the middle of her “hurried thirties”.  Running kids to volleyball and writing and soccer and ballet and science and birthday parties and in between getting groceries and folding laundry and dusting furniture, somehow finding time to run long and far just to keep her sanity and her jeans size.

And Ann also says that “if you track a man’s time, you’ll hunt down what he worships”.  And it would seem that this one worships the highway.  Or the tyranny of the busy.

But that’s not true.  As she spends another week running the taxi service, God works in the heart.  He reminds her this is a season and slow is an attitude of the heart as much as it is a pace of life.

In a family with five children and owning a business and serving in ministry and home schooling, life will not be consistently slow for a very long time.  She knows they are not the people that were made for slow living, at least not all the time.  And so trying to force a family of “fast-paced do-ers” into a box of “slow savor-ers” only results in frustration and feelings of failure.  But she knows they can learn to maintain an attitude of slow….an attitude that can take a breath and step outside on gorgeous spring days, an attitude that can listen to a child’s story without rushing her, an attitude that the laundry can wait because stopping to sit down and just be is  more important some times.  She can learn to say no to good things and leave margin for the best things, the God-things.  She can learn to savor the moments in the midst of the hurrying and she can continually learn to trust God with her time and her to-do list, knowing that He holds it all in His hand and if it’s His will then it’s already as good as done.

For His Glory ~



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