A Decade and a Half

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Fifteen years today.  Fifteen years of marriage.  Fifteen years of life and love and chasing dreams and chasing kids.  Fifteen years of working through struggles and laughing about them later.  Fifteen years of friendship and intimacy, the depth of which I didn’t know was possible.  Fifteen years – five kids, four houses, a business, and memories to last a lifetime.  Fifteen years of learning to lean on each other and lean harder on God.

So much has changed in a decade and a half.  And so much has stayed the same.  We’ve both grown and matured.  Our preferences and opinions have changed over the years.  We’ve struggled through petty conflicts and big decisions.  But our love, our commitment to each other, our faith in God, those remain and have grown deeper and stronger and I can look forward with faith and confidence to the next fifteen (and even fifty) years.  Deo volente.

For His Glory ~



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