Week in Review

What a week! I’m so excited that it’s Friday, because Friday means date night!!!!  And I am ready for a date night.  🙂

Lake Michigan

In the past seven days, we’ve…

Seriously cold water!

Been to the Windy City and back.

Had a long hard week of school.

Nearly lost Matt’s phone to his morning coffee.

Nearly lost Matt’s truck to an auto accident.

Had one really good run with a friend.

Entering the Sears Tower

Begun to think about how to manage our time well this year to maintain our sanity during what it seems will be a very hectic nine months.

Some views from the top

Realized our children are growing up.

Realized what a broken vessel God has chosen to lead these children to Him.

And given thanks for God’s endless grace that carries us through each day.

Have a great weekend, friends!  See you Monday!

Standing out on "The Ledge"

The view from the 103rd floor

A neighboring "Ledge"

Photos from our trip to Chicago; the last batch to be up on Monday.