Well, I’m at least a month late on this post, but (as I’ve said many times) this has been one of the weirdest summers I can remember.  After a major slight breakdown yesterday, I feel like we’ve made it over the hump and I am determined to slow down and enjoy the next few weeks with my kids.  I’m clearing our July schedules of anything and everything I possibly can and we are going to cram as much fun into six weeks as humanly possible.

So, all that said, here is our “Summer Fun List” –

  • Have friends over (they have a list of about 12 different girls)
  • Camping (probably going to have to wait until fall for that one)
  • Splash parks
  • The cabin in Texas (weren’t we just there? surely that counts.)
  • Parks
  • Zoos
  • Bike rides
  • Moon Marble Company
  • Discovery Center
  • Shopping at the mall
  • Get a gerbil (that’s Grace’s – shoot me now, please)
  • Take Coco for walks

Seems reasonable enough, except maybe the camping and the cabin.  I’ll report back on how we did in the fall.

Next up, my Summer Reading List.  It’s long (though not as long as last year; okay, maybe it is as long as last year’s) and I’m allowing myself into the fall for it, too.  Here goes:

  • Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald
    • This gift was given to me to read.  I will be honest, I have some cautions about Vision Forum and their strong patriarchal leanings, but it looks like it addresses some things that we want to work on with the girls, so I am reading through it this summer to determine if it is something we should go through together in the fall.
  • The Gift of Good Manners by Peggy Post & Cindy Post Senning
    • This was on last summer’s list and I still haven’t gotten to it.  It should probably be a higher priority than it is; we need help.  😉
  • Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman
    • Because I really need to cry more than I already do.
  • The Whole Life Adoption Book by Jayne Schooler
    • This one and the two that follow have all been recommended reading as we navigate the adoption process.  I’m looking forward to getting into them soon.
  • Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
  • Praying Through Your Adoption by Michelle Cervone Scott
  • The Winter of Our Disconnect by Susan Maushart
    • I’m really intrigued by this one!
  • Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller
    • We’re going through this right now in Sunday school.  Good stuff.
  • The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
    • Read this first in college, now going through it again with my small group ladies.  Looking forward to seeing what I take away from it so many years later.
  • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
    • One of my favorite movies ever.  I was at a book sale and one of the ladies there convinced me that it is so much better than the movie and what did I have to lose for a buck?  Should be good poolside reading, if I can ever find the time to sit poolside.  😉
  • Understanding Exposure by Bryan Petereson
    • The next three books are a result of me finally being fed up with not fully understanding my camera.  These are library books, so I’m trying to get through them first, but I can only read about shutter speeds and f-stops for so long before my brain goes numb.
  • Understanding Composition by Steve Mulligan
  • Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies by David Busch

Well, that’s it.  I’ve got my work cut out for me!

What about you?  What fun things are you hoping to do with your kids this summer?  Any good books you’re hoping to read?

Praying you are able to slow down and enjoy the gift of life today!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


Summer Fun Lists – A Retrospective

Well, with summer officially ending on Thursday, it’s probably time to look back on how we did with some of our summer goals.  First, the Summer Fun List.  Later this week, my summer reading list.

This was the first year we tried a summer fun list.  Some of the goals were pretty crazy, some were quite manageable.  I will defend myself up front by saying this was one of the hottest, most oppressive summers I can remember.  I love, love, LOVE hot weather, and even I couldn’t go outside for more than a few minutes some days.  I remember texting friends with whom we had swim dates and saying “I think it’s actually too hot even to swim.”  It was that hot.  So, a lot of things that may have gotten marked off during a “normal” Kansas summer, just didn’t this year.  Making the list was fun, nonetheless, and we’ll definitely do it again next summer.

So here’s what the girls put on their lists: (Items accomplished are marked through; my commentary is in parentheses)

  • swimming – a lot!
  • have a friend sleep over (I’m a deadbeat for not making this one happen; summer just got too busy 😦 )
  • watch movies as a family
  • go to a park
  • camp for three days (here’s where the obscene heat comes in handy as a good excuse)
  • go to an actual beach (technically, this would only qualify for Grace, and that’s only if you call Lake Michigan going to a “real” beach)
  • go to a swim park/sprinkler park (none here in town; never made it out of town to find one 😦 )
  • buy a play set (Really?!?!  Perhaps these children haven’t noticed the miniature size of our backyard.)
  • buy flowers for the girls (Should have made this one happen.  Such a simple thing to do!)
  • have parades
  • get a drum set and take lessons (I’m not even going to apologize that this didn’t happen; I’m no dummy!)
  • read The Sign of the Beaver
  • have a friend over to play
  • go to Colorado
  • read
  • have lots of fun
  • go to Mexico (what can I say?  My kids like to travel and they have really good ideas for destinations!)
  • go swimming with Coco the Labradoodle (three words why this didn’t happen:  wet dog smell)
  • re-organize bedroom
  • go running with Coco (technically this one happened, but only with me.  Who wants to run with four kids and a spastic dog???)
  • go North to see our favorite goat farmers
  • walk with Coco (see the spastic dog reference above)
  • go to San Diego (again with the travel)
  • bike rides
  • concert in the park
  • dinner on the patio at our favorite Mexican restaurant
  • hollow an egg

That’s our Summer Fun List review.

Did you set any goals for this summer?  Were you able to meet them?

In other news, I had (as usual) an entertaining conversation with Ellie this weekend…

Ellie (as she’s putting old birthday cards into her purse):  I’m going to keep getting birthday cards until I’m twenty.

Me:  Why only until you’re twenty?

Ellie:  Because then I’ll probably die.

Me:  Why?!?!

Ellie:  Because I’ll be an ooooold granny. (with much emphasis on “old”)


Have a great Tuesday, friends!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara