Week in Review

Our first full week of regular life since vacation was this week.  It’s gone well.  Although, between shuttling Grace to ballet camp and cleaning house and doing my housewifely duties, I don’t feel like we’ve accomplished much.  But the house is clean and the fridge is full, so I guess that’s something!

Grace had her first taste of pre-pointe II this week at camp.  If she does well once classes start in August, she may be able to go on pointe at the end of September.  She’s so excited!

The other girls and I did normal things like grocery shopping and laundry and house cleaning.  I wish I could find a way (other than financial bribery) to get them excited about cleaning.  Sometimes they are.  But other times you would think I was asking them to dig their own grave. 

Yesterday I took the girls to the swimming beach.  We’ve been going there for a few years and absolutely love it, but we did experience a “first” yesterday.  Grace discovered a leech on her foot!  Ewwww!!!!  Seriously, that’s gross.  Somehow, in my head, those didn’t even exist anymore.  I’m not sure what I thought had happened to them, but I certainly didn’t expect her to come out of the swimming beach with one.  Further reason why I don’t need to get in the water there and can continue to casually sit in my lounge chair and read.

Tonight the girls are supposed to run in a local kids fun run.  I’m secretly hoping they’ll change their minds.  I love the heat and humidity, but honestly, it’s like 1000% humidity out there and I would much rather get some mexican food and find a shaded patio to eat on.

Tomorrow is one of our favorite annual events – Symphony in the Flint Hills!  An amazing event we look forward to every year.  Can’t wait!

(photos from last year’s event)

The gifts of “the fruit of the Spirit” do not automatically become evident in our lives.  If we are not discerning enough to recognize their availability to us, to desire them, and then to nourish them in our thoughts, they will never become embedded in our nature or behavior.

Very few Christians are willing to endure the suffering through which complete gentleness is obtained.  We must die to ourselves before we are turned into gentleness, and our crucifixion involves suffering.  It will mean experiencing genuine brokenness and a crushing of self, which will be used to afflict the heart and conquer the mind.

~Streams in the Desert, June 11

Have an amazing weekend, friends.


3 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. I like wordpress for sure! Looks great over here. Does WordPress cost anything? I’m not crazy about xanga either, so exploring options myself. I have a blogspot, but not crazy about that either.
    Love your Colorado pictures. We can’t wait to go there in 15 days!

  2. Looks great to me. One day, if you want to, you could buy myearsaretired.com and have your bog direct there (still on wordpress) instead of having the .wordpress.com added to the end. That’s what Drew is doing over at drewbischof.com and I’m doing over at thyroidpuzzle.com

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