Week in Review – Catching Up Edition

June 26 – July 16

We’ve celebrated a seven-year-old’s birthday.

We’ve been learning to swim.

On the board

We’ve had a bat in the basement and a dead, wet mouse on the living room floor.

I’ve been broken.

I’ve been forgetful.

We’ve enjoyed amazing weather and we’ve survived amazing heat.

We’ve driven out to the country to swim in a pond, play with goats, and visit with friends.

We’ve celebrated the birth of our country.

We’ve (sort of) celebrated the birth of our dog.

There have been date nights and family nights.

I’ve planned for next year’s school.

We’ve purchased new-to-us furniture and rearranged most of the first floor of our house.

We’ve been recipients of hospitality and givers of it.

Life has been good.

Have a great weekend!


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