I stare at the screen.  The words won’t come.  Thoughts fill my head, but nothing comes out right.

I chop fruit and set out bowls for hungry children on a warm Sunday night.

I pray and ask for words.  I wonder why I write.

I write because it is therapy.  I write to resurrect a long dormant love for words.  I write to sort out the thoughts in my head.  I write to remember…

To remember the struggles and the tears that bring me to my knees and closer to those I love.  To remember the victories and triumphs that deserve to be celebrated.  To remember the burdens and the blessings that lead me to His throne.

And to count the gifts….

0713.  birthday parties

0714.  feverish girl

0715.  first day of school

0716.  new books, paper, pencils

0717.  twenty-four adults-only hours

0718.  time with friends

0719.  Trash Mountain Project

0720.  Sunday

0721.  words that finally come out right

May your week be filled with gifts remembered.



5 thoughts on “Why

  1. My ears are tired, too. I am a mother of three girls. They fill our home with laughter, tears and a lot of drama. However, I feel blessed that God placed them in my home to nurture and love. Beautiful pictures and list. Thanks for sharing them today.

  2. Such a beautiful post. The balance between sharing the struggles yet rejoicing in the blessings is so fine – you hit the nail on the head. I have three little boys, brimming with energy and I am scared of home schooling – we are going to, but I am just scared. I must fill my cup with hope and joy and God’s word. Thank you for your words. Keep writing, keep remembering. Even though you may not think it hits the ears of many, it may just hit the ears of one and mean SO MUCH to them. God bless.
    Here from the Gratitude community and so happy I stopped by. I’ll be back soon!

  3. i can’t reply any more elegantly than those above me, but i also have 3 little boys (4 and under) and they wear a mama out… and yet are my joyspots, too. he is a beautiful, extravagant one… he gives good gifts, and it is good to remember them. blessings!

  4. Sometimes the words just don’t come…and sometimes they flood by as though in a rushing stream. I’m still trying to figure out which one I treasure more. The hard fought words, or the ones that flow easily.

    Many blessings,
    from the Gratitude Community

  5. For a mama with a bad memory, writing is a must to remember. To process, to create, to play . . . yes. But mostly to remember.

    And I love new pencils and paper. It’s an addiction . . . is it the writing thing you think?

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