Dreams Fulfilled

Four years now she’s watched and tagged along as older sisters came and went each week, disappearing into a cloud of pink and lavender and green.  They would slip on pink slippers and leotards of pink or purple or black.  Once a year they brought home delightful costumes and she would twirl around in them for months to come.  Four years she’s waited for her day, her turn, to enter this world of pink fluff.

On Thursday her time finally arrived.  Countless times she reminded me, “Today’s my first day of ballet!”  At noon she asked if she could get ready; class didn’t start until 4:30.  Excited doesn’t describe her emotions.  She nearly floated into the studio, not needing me to walk her.  She’d seen this walk countless times, she knew exactly what to do.

Another ballerina has been born in our family.

And I give thanks for another ballerina, more pink fluff and ballet slippers, and all that these girls are to us.  I give thanks for all this and more….

0778.  new storm door

0779.  foregoing grocery shopping for an hour at the park

0780.  little girl hair cuts

0781.  going to God when you feel mistreated

0782.  birthday wishes and greetings

0783.  early mornings with my Beloved

0784.  coffee from a friend

0785.  thoughts put into words

0786.  wondering what God is doing

0787.  33 years

0788.  another ballerina

0789.  humbling

0790.  time to finally relax and have fun with my girls

0791.  small group prayer time


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