Reflecting – This Week in Review

It’s Friday night. I lay in my bed listening to the thunderstorm pass over us. Girls are tucked in tight. Beloved is celebrating with another soon-to-be brother-in-law. The week was good, but exhausting; fulfilling but sometimes overwhelming.

Friends from St. Louis visited over the Labor Day weekend. We laughed and ate and got food poisoning and laughed and took it easy on some of the eating. We went to our first Royals game of the season, and the first “real” baseball game for some of the children with us. It was a perfect day and a great time. First time I’ve been to a game they won! 🙂

Tuesday was back to real life and we met with tears and frustration over school. One downside of home education, I’ve decided, is that there’s no fear of public humiliation, so we just have tears whenever. I could do without that part.

Wednesday was my day to cry. We were leaving my sister-in-law’s house and turned out of her neighborhood, apparently into the middle of a school zone. I saw the school zone sign, hit my brakes, and then saw the officer with the radar gun. He pulled me over and I told him my sad story, but to no avail. He was nice enough about it, but he still gave me a ticket.  I’ve deserved every ticket I’ve ever gotten, and probably quite a few that I didn’t, but I honestly felt this one was unjust. It was an honest mistake on my part. But what do you do about it? I bawled like a baby all the way home. 😦

Thursday I was spoiled by family and friends as I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It was rainy but wonderful. I am so blessed.

Today we loaded up to check out the new American Girl store in Kansas City. It was a fun treat; an afternoon spent with friends and just enjoying all things girlie.

And tonight I did what I’ve been wanting to do all week. I ignored the mess that is certain parts of my house, sat down on the couch, and relaxed with my girls. It was good.

There were moments this week I wasn’t sure I’d make it through. And others I wish could go on and on. But isn’t that life? And you just have to push through the bad and savor every moment of the good.

Praying you have a weekend full of moments to savor!
~ Sara


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