Why I Must Count Them

We file in to royal blue stadium seats, high up in the nosebleed section, calves burning from the climb.  Hours of labor traded for hours of relaxed enjoyment:  tickets bought for us and friends; a perfect Sunday afternoon to spend at the ball park.

Third inning and my Beloved hikes down to the concession stands.  Nachos and sodas, a pretzel, and a hot dog; arms heavy laden with traditional treats for the family.  Unable to keep it all straight, he brings the hot dog for ketchup-only child prepared for ketchup-mustard-relish child.  Ketchup-only wails.  Baseball fans around us move to empty seats a little higher up or out.  I set aside my nachos and my pride and haul out ketchup-only for a pep talk.  I remind her of her father’s gift to her today – an afternoon out, instead of naps; a treat; good gifts.  She sobers and remembers.  This day is a gift, even the mustard and relish.

We return to way-high seats.  We settle in.  She looks at her Daddy and says, thank you.

And so I too must count daily – because I get too hung up on the parts I don’t care for and miss the fact that everything is a gift from the Heavenly Father.  Daily counting, and weekly sharing, reminds me that everything is for His glory.  And my good.  Because He is good.

0761.  NeilMed sinus rinse

0762.  out of town guests coming

0763.  motivation to finish projects

0764.  dinner with seven young ladies

0765.  back yard triathlons

0766.  easy school days

0767.  a clean house

0768.  folded laundry

0769.  getting out for twenty minutes

0770.  clean sheets

0771.  Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

0772.  friends from out of town

0773.  a night in Lawrence and a real-life interaction with Coach Bill Self

0774.  Royals baseball win

0775.  a beautiful day

0776.  last day at the North pool

0777.  the encouragement to count these gifts

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power.

~ Hebrews 1:3a


3 thoughts on “Why I Must Count Them

  1. “And so I too must count daily – ” and everything you wrote after that . . profound! I see myself in “ketchup-only” child. I want to live my days looking at MY daddy and saying “thank you.” Thank you for the pep talk!

  2. Sometimes I get what I asked for plus some extras, and all I see is that I didn’t get exactly what ‘I’ wanted. Thanks for the reminder that the Father only gives good gifts, and I need to be thankful for the extra things HE piles on for my benefit.

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