Week in Review

It’s been a normal week, nothing extraordinary.  Sometimes the normal weeks are just what we need.  School rolled along quite nicely, except for Thursday, which we’ll chalk up to Mama not being able to tame her own attitude.  😉  The weather is fabulous, except for Thursday, which was too cloudy.  (Maybe that at least partly explains the crabby disposition???)

Tonight we went on a long over due family bike ride.  It was good soul therapy for all of us.  Between the heat of summer and Matt’s endless nights of painting, we needed some quality family time.  We stopped for a picnic dinner under the bell tower…

…and had a great night overall.

I want to let you know that posting may be a little sporadic for the next few weeks.  I need to organize my thoughts into words for a group of moms who want encouragement in how to balance their time and commitments and one of Matt’s sisters is getting married, both events within the next two weeks.  It will be a good kind of busy around here, but I may have to prioritize some other things.  I have made a personal challenge to myself to post five days a week.  It seems the writing comes easier if I do it daily.   But I have to practice what I’m going to preach and recognize the limits on my time.  I’ll definitely be here to count blessings and to do my weekly review.  Thank you for checking in often and being patient if I go off the radar for a short time.

May your weekend be filled with wonder and joy!

~ Sara


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