Good Habits

It’s Monday morning.  Back to school, back to routine.  Cool, rainy mornings make the getting up hard.  Phone calls and text messages do their part to keep us off task.  We all struggle to settle in.

Slowly, slowly we all succumb to the schedule.  Well, all but one, who insists on marching to her own beat most of the time anyway.  The routine is good for us, even for the non-conforming child.  It gives us structure, order, stability.  Set activities, fixed times, moments when we know what happens next.

Just as the routine of school and work is good for our souls, so is the routine of weekly recording thanks.  Sometimes during the week, the listing is hard.  The gifts can be painful or the time can slip away too quickly and we forget to list with pen and paper.  But the routine is important because these everyday moments are the gifts and the things never to be forgotten or taken for granted.  This is the stuff of life and of greatness – laundry, dishes, school books, wiping tears, and sharing laughter.  These daily moments.  And for each one, I give thanks.

0834.  a good, normal week

0835.  sushi-making girls night

0836.  getting out of my comfort zone

0837.  ten miles

0838.  Pandora for iPad

0839.  unexpected goals reached

0840.  sore knees that make me slow down

0841.  these daily moments



One thought on “Good Habits

  1. Great list – cannot wait to have a little “normal” in life too. I can relate somewhat to your post above…but not the busy part…just the new normal feels like I’m drowning. Faith is easy to talk about, but tough to practice! Thanks for the reminders and GREAT post!

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