It’s Monday morning.  I sit here with heat on my lower back and strive to be thankful for the ache that kept me awake most of the night, giving me extra time to think, pray.  Gratitude is a habit that must be practiced, cultivated, worked at.  To find the blessing in something hard.  To remember to stop and say thank you when things go wonderfully right.

Over the weekend, I was reading the newsletter from a medical sharing ministry we participate in.  Ray King, who always writes the closing article says it well –

We have a lot to be thankful for.  Our God richly provides us with everything to enjoy.

The passage above (I Timothy 6:17b) was directed to the rich in this present age, but the basic principle applies to everyone.  We can be so focused on material things, that we turn our attention away from God.  We can end up wanting more and become ungrateful, even though He generously gives each of us everything we need.

Thankfulness is a characteristic of obedient followers of Jesus Christ.  Ingratitude for God’s provision is an early sign of unbelief (Romans 1:21).

We need to gratefully focus on how good God is, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every day.”


0911.  running with my beloved

0912.  no school

0913.  girls who sleep in

0914.  girls who don’t

0915.  the last (?) five year old

0916.  Pandora on the iPad

0917.  bills paid

0918.  the chance to slow down

0919.  sisters who give generously to each other

0920.  screen door open on the 24th of November

0921.  children who grow like weeds

0922.  making Thanksgiving Day brunch with my favorite

0923.  an over-sized sink

0924.  my dishwasher

0925.  more time with family

0926.  the second born choosing to persevere through something hard

0927.  Rescue Run

0928.  Christmas tree decorated

0929.  achy back

0930.  the Christmas season

May you cultivate Christ this week as you give intentional thanks for His abundant blessings.

~ Sara


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