Starting Again

Early January.  It’s a time of reflecting and resolutions, new lists and new goals.  A first Monday in a new week, new month, new year.  And as I sit in my husband’s office, preparing to move out last year’s files and bring in new, crisp, empty folders, I pray over this business, his work, our livelihood.  I pray for our school year as we prepare to start our second semester tomorrow.  I pray that our family will be as aware of God’s hand in our lives in 2011 as we were in 2010.  And I give thanks for Ann and her gratitude community and whoever first helped me stumble upon her blog and the Holy Spirit who stirred me there and led me to start counting my own gifts.  And as I cross the threshold of one thousand gifts today, I begin again.  Good habits must be continued, renewed, while new habits are formed in this season of starting fresh.  Can I encourage you to start today?  Start counting His uncountable gifts.  What better way to start the new year than by giving thanks?

0999.  lazy days

1000.  sleeping in

1001.  children playing outside at night without coats on December 29

1002.  house “un-Christmased”

1003.  continuing to count the gifts

1004.  sixty degrees at 8 am on December 30

1005.  windows open as we approach the new year

1006.  thunderstorms on New Year’s Eve

1007.  waking up to ice/snow after 70 degrees yesterday

1008.  reflecting and giving thanks with friends

1009.  celebrating with our children

1010.  rejoicing over a friend’s new house

1011.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader

1012.  mexican food with my favorite

1013.  Sunday morning worship

1014.  Sunday afternoon naps

1015.  shoulder pain

1016.  prepping for second semester

1017.  a day to organize his office

May your day be filled with thanksgiving!

~ Sara


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