Monday Morning

After nearly a week and a half of non-routine and vacation and re-integrating to the real world, what a gift to wake up to a Monday morning and feel the return of “normal”.  Early morning quiet, a run with a friend (and almost conquering an ugly hill), Shred work out, and time in the Word to feed a very hungry soul….all feels right and I pour out thanks for the past few weeks of gifts.  God is good.  He is so good.

1206.  Resurrection Sunday

1207.  a day of baking

1208.  finding joy in food preparation

1209.  school year in the books

1210.  glorious sunshine

1211.  help grooming the dog

1212.  Haiti meeting

1213.  daughter insightful

1214.  date afternoon

1215.  sunburned shoulders

1216.  many hands working cheerfully

1217.  grace to survive on not enough sleep

1218.  five miles of pavement under my feet

1219.  snuggles with the youngest who is rapidly outgrowing my lap

1220.  family road trip

1221.  time with friends far away

1222.  long drives

1223.  hot sun, moist air

1224.  ferry ride

1225.  the beach!

1226.  all my heart in the water, laughing joy

1227.  busted bumper

1228.  too much sun

1229.  shredded car top carrier

1230.  missing keys

1231.  struggles that find us, even on vacation

1232.  stopping, as a family, to pray and give thanks, even for the difficulties

1233.  days with friends, wonderful memories

1234.  home at 4:30 a.m.

1235.  clean house

1236.  a weekend to recover

1237.  a Monday morning return to routine

I am hopeful, as we ease into summer and slower schedules, to return to more regular posting.  This week I plan to share about the comedy of errors that was our recent family vacation.  Be sure to stay tuned.  😉

May you find time this Monday morning to give thanks and find joy in the routine of daily life.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Grace to survive on not enough sleep… such a gift. Stopping as a family to pray and give thanks… what a beautiful gift! Wonderful list of gifts. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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