Texas Tour, Part II

So we left off our adventure yesterday with horrific sun burns, among other things.  We left Port Aransas a little before lunchtime and headed over to San Antonio.  We gave thanks for the warm temps with intermittent clouds that protected us from the sun.  Grace felt so miserable when we left the condo that she couldn’t bring herself to change out of her pajamas into regular clothes.  Not thinking, I threw all of her clothes into the suitcase and then handed it to Matt to strap to the truck in our now red-neck car top carrier.  So, upon arrival in San Antonio, poor Matt had to drag that monster of a suitcase back down so she could change.  I got the award that day for thinking ahead.  😉

Feeling the way we did, our goal was to keep it low-key and still have a good time.  We strolled the River Walk and checked out the Alamo.  And, of course, ate mexican food.  That was about all any one was up for on Tuesday.

San Antonio appeared to be a beautiful city.  The River Walk was gorgeous and would be such fun for a couples get away and the Alamo was everything I’d heard about it – cool, but not much to it.  There appeared to be a ton of things to do in SA if one were to spend more than six hours there.  Sadly, we were ready to keep moving on our trip.

Still, good times were had and more memories were made.  And fortunately we made it through Tuesday without incident!  Woo hoo!

Grace "feeling the burn", so to speak.

I don't even know what this face is about.

A smiley one!

Emma enjoying her lunch.

River Walk

Another spot along the river.

Ice cream!

Maybe she thinks I'm going to steal her cone?

Of course she picked the "Krazy Kolors" flavor. I love the spot of ice cream on her nose.

The Alamo

Reading up

Matt felt like we should document the fact that I was, in fact, on this trip.

While taking the previous picture, a man walked by and offered to take a photo of all of us. Props to him for actually getting my manual lens to focus!

Relaxing when we couldn't walk any more.

While San Antonio probably could have been more fun had we all felt better, we made the most of it and made more memories.

Up next, a couple of refreshing, relaxing days with friends and more unfortunate events.  🙂

Happy Wednesday, friends!

~ Sara


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