Random Wednesday – Some Catching Up

Thoughts roll through my head, it’s hard to know where to start.  Every day last week I intended to sit down, to write.  Every day filled up, life too busy to linger long at the keyboard.  And this week, it is Wednesday already, and I finally steal a few moments, but what to write first?

The girls are playing outside, enjoying weather that finally feels like summer.  Swimming began this week and (Hooray!) no one has cried, fussed, or complained.  We have worked this week to restore order to the house, cleaning, laundry-ing, and implementing summer schedules.  After a month of what felt like floundering, it’s good to feel order returning.

Since our trip we have had graduation parties, a ballet recital, and painting at Amania’s house.  Pictures linger on the camera.  Hopefully they’ll come off soon and I’ll share them with you.

Today is June 1.  We can officially begin our adoption paper work today.  Woot!

I have had so many emotions related to our adoption in the past few days, ranging from desperately missing her to being anxious to meet her to wondering if we’re really doing the right thing for everyone involved.  I know all these emotions are normal but, much like a “normal” pregnancy and all it’s ensuing emotions, we still must wrestle through it for ourselves.

I had my last run before the Hospital Hill 10k this morning.  Another woot! fits well here.  I keep telling myself it’s only 6.2 miles, but the hills are notoriously tough.  But we’ve trained and I really believe we’re ready for it.  Now we’re just praying for perfect weather Saturday morning.

The troops in the back yard are getting restless.  Direction is needed, so I must go.  Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!  Hopefully the next post will include photos.  🙂

~ Sara


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