A year ago, I wrote about Chandler and the completely unique and wonderful child she is and how God has used her in our lives.  And while God often uses her to remind me just how much I need Him, I give thanks for her today.  I give thanks for her tender heart and her quick wit, for her strength and determination, for her generosity and for the incredible way God will use her someday, and for the eight years He has so graciously given us so far.


And I continue to count the gifts He gives each day…..

1270.  husbands and daddies

1271.  reaching the breaking point

1272.  finding balance and peace again

1273.  first horse show

1274.  a really good Saturday

1275.  home study interview

1276.  third borns

1277.  another turning eight

Praying you are open to the gifts He gives this week.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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