A Simple List (and a few precious photos)

Computer finally restored.  A busy day of catching up and getting ready and staying on task.  A quick moment here to chronicle the gifts, the thanks.

1477.  release from physical therapy

1478.  the second ten year old

1479.  restoring files for the second time

1480.  a flipped breaker switch that means restoring files for the third time


1481.  a God who hears my cry and speaks to me deeply during my quiet time

1482.  successful birthday party

1483.  sweet friends for my girls


1484.  celebrating another year of God’s provision

1485.  overflow

1486.  pictures worth more than a thousand words, more than a thousand thanks


1487.  computer completely restored…just in time


As Christmas celebrations draw closer and calendar squares nearly burst with activities, may we all be able to pause and remember the One True Gift and all that He so faithfully provides.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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