Walking the Talk

Overwhelmed.  That’s where I’m at today.  The to do list grows ever-longer, never shorter.  We haven’t done history or science this week because I’ve either been sick, catching up from being sick, or driving somewhere.  I finish a project in one room, walk into the next and see a whole new project left behind for me by someone else.  I forget meetings and agree to be in two places on opposite sides of town at the exact same time and I get kids to practices late.

I text the husband a plea for prayer.  He responds:  Abide.  Yield.  Enjoy.

Yield.  This is where my faith grows legs.  Where I practice what I set out to do this year.  How is it honestly easier to trust God about big things like missions trips and ministry decisions and provision for work and adoption details, but so hard to trust Him that my to do list will get finished?  Honestly it’s because I have absolutely no control over those “big things” and so the simplest thing is to trust Him with it.  But the “little things” like cleaning out storage areas and catching up on laundry and keeping the kitchen clean for more than 15 minutes…those are under my “control” and I’m afraid that if I yield them, He may ask me to learn to live with mess, with (more) unfinished projects, in a constant state of undone.  And that scares me.

And so here I am….choosing to yield, choosing to slow my roll (as Jon Acuff said today in a timely post), choosing to trust in a God that has proven over and over that He is in the small things and that He does care about my details and that He loves me.

And as I hear Blessed Assurance echo up the stair case from the piano below, I smile and I feel peaceful for the first time all day.

To God be the Glory ~

~ Sara


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