Catching Up and Giving Thanks

This morning we sit quiet.  Two middle girls are gone for standardized testing.  The youngest, she’s not old enough to test yet.  The oldest, she rests still, nursing a broken arm today.  And I am thankful for this week.  An unplanned Spring Break that our minds, souls, and bodies needed.  Nothing planned.  Just quiet, semi-structured days.  And I marvel at how much this has ministered to my home schooling heart; I, who typically does not take a spring break, and how well my girls have responded to the break.  Five weeks remain when we return.  The end is near.  🙂

So, the broken arm…  Our second born has been begging to go to the skate park.  She got a skate board for Christmas and apparently our driveway isn’t exciting enough.  So, last night, on a beautiful spring evening, we ate dinner early and loaded up.  When we arrived, the child who had begged to go wouldn’t even get her skate board out because there were some teenagers there and she was embarrassed.  (She won’t admit that, but that’s what happened.  I know, because I would have been the exact same way.  Some teenagers still make me self-conscious.  😉 )  But the first and third born children, they snapped on their roller blades and went for it.  And we weren’t even there five minutes and Matt comes over to me helping Grace hold her arm and no one’s crying or even seems upset, but the wrist, it looks strange.  And he says, “I think her arm is broken.”  Three hours, increasing pain, a trip to the ER, and some x-rays later, she was home with a splint, and feeling pretty slap-happy thanks to Tylenol-3.  Today she will rest and lay low; perhaps we all will, and tomorrow we will see what the orthopedist has to say.

This morning as I was getting ready it just intrigued me that God knew this was going to happen last night.  He knew we would only be at that park five minutes before she fell.  And I just find it so interesting.  I’m not upset about the arm or the expense or the inconvenience.  I feel bad for Grace, but these things happen.  But I am waiting expectantly for God to show me the purpose of this, the why.  I know He will.  Nothing is by chance; He allowed it for a reason.

It was sweet to see the other girls so concerned and compassionate.  One would have thought we were going to a funeral for all the tears the youngest shed.  And the third-born cut loose a scarf she had been knitting in the truck for her grandmother and gave it to Grace to use as a sling.  And Emma was concerned, she just showed it differently, through cautious questions and worried expressions.

I am thankful this week and this morning my heart feels full, in spite last night’s events.  There are so many things on my to do list, but the slowing down is a gift to us all.  God is so good.

1684.  a new day 

1685.  IBESR case number

1686.  lunch out with a sweet friend

1687.  Haiti girl’s 5th birthday

1688.  Skype and her smile and shy nod

1689.  grease burns

1690.  “Hot & Ready” pizza

1691.  just going to bed

1692.  looming project finished

1693.  sunshine!

1694.  Miracle cream for burns

1695.  Bradford pear blossoms falling like snow

1696. sunshine and afternoon prayers on the porch

1697.  fine arts competition

1698.  girls who use their gifts and one who stretches herself

1699.  friends, Sol Cantina, and a Jayhawk win

1700.  quiet Saturday to rest at home

1701.  day of rest that was actually restful

1702.  watching the Jayhawks with my favorite people

1703.  Final Four bound!

1704.  wonderful end to a wonderful day

1705.  the smell of spring

1706.  walking to the park

1707.  “Father May I” and charades with the girls

1708.  a quiet day at home

1709.  eating dinner outside

1710.  girls excited to paint the playhouse

1711.  oldest child’s broken wrist

1712.  compassionate, merciful sisters

1713.  precious friends for all of us

A friend posted this on Facebook recently:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” – C.S. Lewis

This year has been long and I wear it on my sleeve and share it with the world and I thank all of you for being such precious friends to me through prayers and encouragement and hanging in.  I am blessed by the encouragement I receive from so many for simply sharing my heart and what God is doing in this broken life.  He is merciful and you all are so kind.  Thank you.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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