Tonight was a night that called for copious amounts of chocolate.  But I didn’t have any.  So instead I am going to pause and be grateful for more of the countless undeserved gifts…

1944.  oldest child off to her very first retreat

1945.  releasing the burden of more belongings, weight lifted from house, life

1946.  lying awake listening for God, looking for rest

1947.  cleaning out more clutter

1948.  Apples to Apples and the ballet recital on DVD – time with my girls

1949.  snuggling on the couch with my beloved

1950.  hearing all about the oldest child’s first junior high retreat

1951.  house full with extra kids, friends

1952.  rain!!!

1953.  kids who sleep long

1954.  free Chick-fil-A

1955.  a day to celebrate our marriage

1956.  the gift of marriage

1957.  pastor’s current sermon series

1958.  rest

1959.  a nice day with my bookend girls

1960.  Camp Enosh

1961.  thirteen years of marriage

1962.  computers and software that just won’t cooperate

1963.  anniversary lunch

1964.  the company of my oldest child

1965.  sidewalk sale with two of my girls

1966.  resting in the afternoon

1967.  talking with others who are called and going to serve

1968.  an unexpected family night at home

1969.  Skyping with our girl

1970.  seeing her eyes light up, that big smile

1971.  seeking God on hard days

1972.  a new day, a new week, a new start

1973.  Ann’s words of late

1974.  not being able to find my own

1975.  this hope, an anchor

1976.  words of hope everywhere I turn

1977.  rain

1978.  cooler temps

1979.  furry dog

1980.  new computer for school

1981.  new-to-us bedroom furniture

1982.  family taco run on Sunday evening

1983.  watching the Olympics together

And I ask look back on these, just some of His good gifts the past two weeks, my heart is turned from frustration and impatience to thanksgiving and praise and that too is a gift.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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