How Facebook is Killing Politics (for me, anyway)

Can I please have a filter on Facebook to block all political rants and posts?  No one is being persuaded to change their political affiliation as a result of these one-sided articles or one-line jabs at the opposing party.  People (their minds and hearts) are won through relationships not viral Facebook memes.  The endless nonsense of “This candidate’s an idiot!  No, this candidate is!*” only serves to divide us more and entrench us more deeply into our own opinons.  It does nothing to draw us together, to a place of focusing on what is best for the future of our nation.

(*those may not be the actual words….but the idea is the same.)

And the sad thing is politics do matter, the issues are important.  That’s what makes the fatigue and numbness that naturally follow the constant barrage of information so troublesome.

So, if you are really concerned about changing the political face of America, go out to coffee and have a friendly debate with someone you actually live life with.  Share an occasional article that informs rather than inflames.  Volunteer for a campaign.  Run for office.  Pray for our nation.  And VOTE.

And then let’s get back to when Facebook was fun.


One thought on “How Facebook is Killing Politics (for me, anyway)

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