Bearing Witness….

I will bear witness that the Lord is righteous;

I will praise the name of the Lord Most High.

~ Psalm 7:18

Praising His name by continuing to list His mercies, His faithfulness, and continuing to count the gifts… 


2028.  a milestone in a child’s life

2029.  being there for her

2030.  still daily learning how to do this mothering well

2031.  learning to listen to my spirit

2032.  soft dog at my feet

2033.  each one of my girls

2034.  swinging at the park

2035.  sticky counter tops

2036.  sink full of dishes

2037.  sleepover friend for the third-born

2038.  cooler mornings for running

2039.  early morning snuggles with  my Ellie

2040.  late night struggles with another

2041.  long talks in bed

2042.  knowing I can never be enough, but God already is

2043.  being chased by the grace of God

2044.  a gymnastics class for the human monkey

2045.  staying calm

2046.  a few days away with my beloved

2047.  sun

2048.  sand

2049.  salt-water

2050.  loving each other

2051.  uninterrupted thoughts, conversation

2052.  books read

2053.  pale orange sky

2054.  sunset from 30,000 feet

2055.  being welcomed home

2056.  hard days that leave me tired and empty

2057.  a God who fills if I only ask and slow to receive

2058.  a pile of laundry to fold as I pray and reflect

2059.  loud laughter after dinner

2060.  realizing I need to take time to linger longer with these people, my people

2061.  husband who brings lunch, makes dinner, prays for me

2062.  being awake at 3:15 – a Wednesday morning routine; more time to think, pray, sit with God

Praying that this day, your day, is filled with an increasing awareness of His presence, His faithfulness, His unrelenting grace.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


4 thoughts on “Bearing Witness….

  1. Thank you, Sara, for being who you are in Him! Your resemblance to the One we Love is stunning/beautiful/altogether lovely ;-)Your words of praise/prayers/gratitude have been received & echoed throughout my own home & I am grateful to keep your company as a friend along the way! Blessings Always & Forever, Holly Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:25:22 +0000 To:

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