Counting the Multitudes

Challenged and encouraged by her words, I have been counting the multitude of blessings for several months now.  The first five hundred (plus) can be found over here.  On Mondays, I count.  A wonderful way to begin the week; giving thanks for the blessings obvious and some that don’t feel blessed at the time.  But He is always faithful and every good and perfect gift is from His hand.  In all things, we give thanks.

0542.  12.64 mile bike rides

0543.  the convenience of Walgreen’s on nearly every corner

0544.  sprinklers to cool off in

0545.  knitting and swimming

0546.  dog in heat

0547.  pre-pointe II

0548.  busted toe nails

0549.  sun-kissed noses and shoulders

0550.  little girl summer hair cuts

0551. nine year old hugs in the WalMart check out line

0552.  swimming pools and cherry limeades on 100 degree days

0553. porch dates

0554.  church picnic

0555.  new week promise


4 thoughts on “Counting the Multitudes

  1. I haven’t been doing the Monday linkups regularly, but I’ve been thinking exactly what you said: that it’s a good way to start the week. Especially when I’m tired & grumpy, like today. :/ So I think I’m going to try to plan my week around it…

  2. I join you in gratitude for sun kissed noses and shoulders, swimming pool and cherry limonaid and church picnics. Your list is encouraging.

  3. I too love sprinklers, sunkiseed noeses and shoulders and church picnics. Summertime!

    I also love the name and description of your blog. I’m visiting for the first time and look forward to looking around a bit!

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