Sometimes thanks come easy….

It’s one of those Monday’s when it’s easy to give thanks.  It’s been gloriously overcast and cool.  A perfect day for school work and lit candles.  Right now the girls are reading quietly and I am enjoying the relative silence.  It’s good to sit and remember and write down the days like this one.  They give courage and renewed energy for the other kinds of days.

Continuing to list the endless gifts He gives….


2006.  warm sunshine

2007.  take and bake pizza

2008.  a leisurely day

2009.  first day of school success

2010.  learning to manage time again

2011.  up early to run in the dark

2012.  a fever blister and a head cold

2013.  third-born’s nagging cough

2014.  freshly shorn labradoodle and her polka-dot scarf

2015.  first week of school complete

2016.  cooler evenings

2017.  continuing to learn patience and grace

2018.  girls night out with the in-law ladies

2019.  taking my girls to a real art museum

2020.  waking up to 59* outside

2021.  quiet Sunday morning at home

2022.  sleeping child, finally rest for her from coughing

2023.  overcast sky

2024.  open windows

2025.  start of a new week

2026.  quiet house

2027.  nature walk

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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