Week in Review And Some Links to Share

This week we wrapped up our first week back to school.  It was a good week overall.  Not perfect, but I’ll definitely take it.

Monday we enjoyed a leisurely last day of summer by sleeping in and spending the afternoon at the pool.  Other than the water feeling like an ice bath, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the summer.

Yesterday I took the girls to the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City.  We had a fun time walking around enjoying the incredible collection there and even toured the World’s Fair exhibit they have right now.

Last night I had a girls night out with Matt’s mom and the ladies on his side of the family.  We enjoyed walking around Lawrence, laughing and taking in the gorgeous weather we are finally experiencing.

Today has been a leisurely day of computer work and relaxing.  And tonight I’m looking forward to an evening out with my favorite man.

A friend on Facebook posted this great encouragement for the weary mom…here.  Go check it out!

That’s it around here.  A quiet week, but a good week.  May the rest of your weekend be blessed!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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