Week In Review and Links to Share

Ahhhh….Friday.  One of the best days of the week.

This week was a bit rough – school wasn’t what it should be and neither were attitudes if we’re honest.  It was one of the best running weeks I’ve had in quite some time, though.  This morning’s run kicked my rear; that’s always a good feeling!  Allergies are flaring up today and I can’t.stop.sneezing.  Which is also making me a little foggy and unable to remember many details of this week, so I’ll move on….


Here are a few links to things on the “interwebs” that I have found interesting of late.  Some of you might enjoy them too.

A great post by Ann on How To Really Live.

I haven’t read the Fifty Shades of Gray series, but Christy over at Crayon and Camels has a really interesting perspective on it in this post.

April at Coal Creek Farm is great.  And she regularly makes me laugh out loud.  Moms (and Dads) will enjoy this one.

I realize the Olympics ended a couple of weeks ago, but I still really enjoyed this article on how we are all inspired by the Olympic spirit and why the games are so captivating.


That’s it for me.  I hope your weekend is amazing and that you find time to bask in the love of a Savior who died to set you free.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

One thought on “Week In Review and Links to Share

  1. May be late getting to work after reading How to Really Live. Have to redo my make up. What an awesome example of Christ in us.

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