Multitude Monday

As we wrestle to get two get tucked into bed and one cries as she practices a speech, today feels like another ride on the crazy train, but for now I’m laughing and smiling and thanking God for His mercies and grace to walk through each new day.

2369.  finding rhythms

2370.  raindrops tapping on glass

2371.  waking up to a clean, quiet house

2372.  third born, whose heart of service and generosity has taught me more than I’ll ever teach her

2374.  rain all day

2375.  pace slow enough to enjoy it

2376.  laughter at the table

2377.  being knocked back on my knees; where God really wants me anyway

2378.  fellowship with Sunday school friends; laughing, reflecting, looking ahead

2379.  this sense of community God’s been giving

2380.  Sunday – a day to slow and rest

2381.  Monday – a fresh start on a new week

2382.  coffee on a bitterly cold morning

2383.  a list that always seems the same; these gifts that are given every day

2384.  being out of MOI and on to passports!

2385.  giggling girls – sleepovers to celebrate birthdays late

2386.  warm sunshine

2387.  Christmas decor down

2388.  third-born loses another tooth

2389.  these children – always hungry

2390.  all these signs of beautiful, growing girls

2391.  a few hours away with my beloved

2392.  family game nights

2393.  a new day, a new week – mercies poured out again

For His Glory ~



2 thoughts on “Multitude Monday

  1. Sara, the name of your blog alone makes me smile! My ears are tired on most days, too! I think our third-borns should meet. It sounds like they were cut from the same fabric. Such a gift when God uses our children to show us His heart, isn’t it? Your family is beautiful. Hope your ears can hear me from here…”You’re doing a great job. Keep smiling, dear mama, and clinging to the One who hears your every cry. Blessings from another tired-eared mom in Iowa.”

    • Alicia, I wish I could tell you how well-timed your comment was as it came into my mailbox immediately following a frustrating disagreement with one of our children. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words of encouragement! Praying you have a blessed day!

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